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 I'm Connor Brown. I am a SAG-AFTRA audiobook narrator specializing in stories of romance and erotica. I and my pseudonym have nearly 250 between us. He does sci-fi, Post apocalyptic and the like. But enough about him!
Bringing stories about love and relationships to life is what I do.
I bring out the emotion you wanted when you wrote your story. Let me bring your story to life! 
Find me on Audible, Amazon and iTunes and see what I have done for others!  

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What do listeners think?

"And did I mention, Swoon-worthy! Connor was the perfect choice to narrate, Lawton.You always worry that certain "scenes" will be awkward depending on the narrator, not in this case, perfectly suave, and if anything hooked me into those specific scenes, even more." -From Lawton

"I wasn't completely sure about a male narrator for a romance trilogy. Imagine my surprise when he opened his mouth and charmed me with his skill. Connor Brown was a wonderful choice for this winning series." -From The Maxfield Brothers (Complete Series)

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